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ERP Implementation

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ERP Implementation


Project Financing


Project Management

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ERP Implementation

Significantly boost your productivity by combining ERP solutions with your current systems.

To keep up with the constantly updating technology and customer demands in this digital era, it is a must for you to revamp any existing outdated systems to a more updated and advanced technological infrastructure.

To provide the best ERP solution for you, we will identify the strengths & weaknesses of your current technologies, and find out the most benefits you will get with your current system.​


Our professional team will tailor-made a strategic plan for your ERP implementation process and conduct extensive test-run for the suggested ERP implementation before and after the integration of the digital technologies with your existing operations and system.



Project Financing

This requires exquisite understanding of the industries and assets concerned and the interaction of different agreements. 

From the development of a comprehensive financial plan, to the arduous work of exploring investors, we help you to get prepared to raise capital from potential investors successfully.

We assist you in creating a comprehensive breakdown of project spending, focusing the risks and potentials of funding the project. And formulating a cash flow projection of the project throughout the project time frame.


CRM & Loyalty Program

An integrated CRM and marketing automated system can help your business enter to new heights

With a properly utilized automated CRM & Marketing System, your sales and marketing department can be able to streamline their operations to enhance competency and productivity.


Information and data obtained from the integrated system will be interpreted and insights will be gained to give a more tailor-made experience for you with related promotional messages at the appropriate time.



Project Management

Develop a concrete plan that can co-ordinate and manage the various complicated digital projects

The purpose of project management is to plan, control and execute all the necessary activities needed to complete the project successfully, while preparing for different unexpected outcomes that may arise.

We give advice to the you on the system design and structure for project management, and focus on the highest level of user satisfaction and business efficiency.



Customer Experience & Loyalty

Customer experience has become today’s business benchmark. While customer loyalty helps organizations maintain their customer base and stay sustainable and profitable.

We collaborate with you to exploring & assessing the needs and wants of  your existing client base and evaluating the services being offered by direct competitors. Hence, establishing a distinctive customer experience model and aiming to build customer loyalty.

​We also assist you to fully utilize technologies to create exquisite customer experience through developing  online and mobile channels.


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