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Recruitment Service

How Highliner's Recruitment Service Differs?

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Highliner believes employee is always the most valuable intangible asset of a company. We take a personal approach to recruitment, to make sure you’re only worked with the most suitable talents. We’ll bring in the finest candidates available in the competitive job market, so that you find it much smoother to enhance your business and achieve the results you’re looking for!

Our Talent Acquisition Strategy

Build Long Term Relationship with Companies & Candidates

Candidate Search in Diversified Talent Network

Are you finding difficult to find a suitable candidate for your demanding position? We focus on building long term relationships with companies & candidates by understanding their needs and provide possible solutions in different employment stages.


Also, through our diversified talent network, we deeply understand how and where to find the right candidate for you!

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Fill a Vacancy

If you would like us to help you fill a vacancy, please contact to send through a job specification, or call +852 2997 2447 to discuss the vacancy in depth. 

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