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D-BIZ Anti-Epidemic Fund 

Technology Voucher Programme (TVP)

ERP Implementation

TVP aims to subsidise non-listed local enterprises/organisations in using technological services and solutions to improve productivity, or upgrade or transform their business processes.


TVP Highlights

  • Government’s funding ratio in each approved project has been raised to three-quarters (Government 75%: Applicant 25%)


  • Maximum funding for each applicant: HK$ 600,000

  • Applicant must contribute no less than one quarter of the total approved project cost in cash

  • Cumulative funding project for each applicant: 6 projects

  • Open for application throughout the year

Funding Scope

Application Procedures

Step 1: Contact your Consultant to seek for funding advice

Step 3: Application assess by Innovation & Technology Commission (ITC)

Step 5: Project to be completed within 12 months, then submit final project report

Step 2: Submit Application with Required Documents

Step 4: Successful applicant to sign a funding agreement with ITC

Step 6: Disburse Funding *

Initial payment of up to 25% of the approved fund maybe made to successful applicant upon request


Technology Consultancy

Purchase, rental / subscription of customised SOLUTIONS

Purchase, rental / subscription of 

off-the-shelf/readily available SOLUTION

Project auditing


Why you need Highliner?

Highliner provides you with efficient, professional and reliable planning and services.  During this epidemic hard times, we truly understand your financial needs. We will assist you during the funding application process and to get funding approval.


No matters what industry you are in, our experienced Digital Marketing Team offers feasible advices and marketing solutions which can definitely help you to unlock your success in digital transformation and achieve business growth.

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